Projects and studies

Being able to find the right balance between scientific accuracy and public engagement is many times not that easy.
Shine has the best skills and experts to build up different types of studies and documents, either research-oriented, as well as those that aim the common citizen, and need to be easily understood.
With multiple research articles published, as well as policy papers and European studies, SHINE's team is well aware of validated methodologies and reliable sources for scientific publications.
But also has proven experience in broader communication management and production of dissemination materials in different formats, as well as media management and press relationship.
In terms of proposal creation, SHINE can also help you!
If you have a great idea, we can support you in finding the right call and prepare the application package.
This is a possibility, although our preference is to be your partner and write the proposal with you, with the aim to implement it together and build a common pathway with you.